“Healthy Families Rotorua is focussed on encouraging Rotorua whānau to live healthier lives by making good food choices, being physically active, moderating alcohol consumption
and being smoke-free.”


Healthy Families Rotorua is a dedicated prevention workforce tasked with bringing together partnerships of key Rotorua organisations and individuals in a united effort to prevent chronic disease in Rotorua.

Healthy Families Rotorua works collaboratively with local leaders to identify, design and implement changes in community settings such as early childhood centres, schools, workplaces, food outlets, sports clubs, marae, businesses, and places of worship to help people make healthier choices.

The goal is to slow the growth of obesity and prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer by supporting families and communities to live healthier lives.

Get involved by becoming an AWHI Rotorua Partner and work with Healthy Families Rotorua using a ‘collective impact approach’ to challenge our communities to think differently about how to address the underlying causes of poor health at a local level.



Kumara Planting And Knowledge Shared

Kumara planting and knowledge shared

Community members came together last week for a special planting of kumara. The planting ceremony of about 80 kumara, with different varieties, took place at Ohinemutu. Kai Rotorua (formerly the…

Make Your Workplace Good4Work

Make your workplace Good4Work

Good4Work is an exciting new workplace wellbeing tool that’s great for your business and your people. “We spend a significant amount of time at work so the culture and environment…

Wai Warriors: Guardians Of Waiariki

Wai Warriors: Guardians of Waiariki

Healthy Families Rotorua and Te Arawa Whanau Ora Collective Impact Team are collaborating on the ‘Wai Warriors’ initiative which focuses on co-designing activites with rangatahi (13 – 17 years). The intention…

Ka Pai Kai Rotorua, Making Good Food Accessible To Our Tamariki One Kura At A Time!

Ka Pai Kai Rotorua, Making good food accessible to our tamariki one kura at a time!

Five months ago Healthy Families Rotorua planned to launch a scheme they hoped would change children's eating habits for the better. It seems to be working. Their Ka Pai Kai…


The places where we spend our time are the foundation for a healthier future. In healthier environments, children learn better, workplaces are more productive, New Zealanders are healthier and happier – communities are more liveable.  We can all be a part of building a healthier community where we live, learn, work and play. Click on the icons below for some ideas on how you can create healthy change. What you do matters.



We all want our whānau to be well. Healthy change within your family and community can start with you.  Even making small changes can have a big impact on our health and wellbeing.



Early Childhood Education services and schools are ideal places to promote health and wellbeing for children and young people, as the benefits extend to the whole community.



As adults we spend around half our waking hours at work, so it’s no wonder that the workplace is a place with huge potential to influence our health
and wellbeing.



You have the power to positively influence those around you, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Even making small changes can have a big impact on our health and wellbeing.