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Community champions increase their capability

In March this year, Healthy Families Rotorua supported the board members of Ka Pai Kai Rotorua and Kai Rotorua to complete governance training with a focus on strategic planning and achieving high performance as a board.

Kai Rotorua and Ka Pai Kai Rotorua are two community led initiatives that are leading sustainable systems change in the local food systems in Rotorua.

Kai Rotorua have been key in establishing maara kai in the community, offering educational support in growing kai with communities and normalising the return of traditional food such as kumara. They hope to establish a food hub in the future to help improve Rotorua’s food resilience and sovereignty. Ka Pai Kai Rotorua offer healthy, affordable and nutritious lunch options to primary schools in Rotorua. Their aim is to address food insecurity by ensuring all tamariki have access to healthy kai.

Participants from both boards have already applied new learnings because of the training and noting that the learnings are being shared across other professional forums.

Board member for Kai Rotorua Yumiko McGovern Kawano emphasised that the opportunity to do this type of training was critical to moving forward as a board and enterprise.

Aroha Dorset of Ka Pai Kai Rotorua says, “this training allowed the board members to refocus their vision and give them more confidence to plan the strategic direction for Ka Pai Kai Rotorua.”

Manager for Healthy Families Rotorua Mapihi Raharuhi says, “supporting this kaupapa was about building community leadership through governance training for the board members of Kai Rotorua and Ka Pai Kai Rotorua.”

The training was provided by Firestation, a business growth centre based in Rotorua who offer acceleration coaching for all business sizes.

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