Easing up on the drink

Healthy Families Rotorua and partners – Rotorua Lakes Council, Ka Pai Charitable Trust, Waikite Rugby and Sports Clubs Inc have collaborated together on the Health Promotion Agencies ‘Yeah, Nah – Ease Up On The Drink’ campaign.

The Club’s committee have been actively ensuring their alcohol policies, procedures, and compliances align with Rotorua Lakes Council policies on responsible drinking, reducing consumption and addressing the culture of alcohol related harm in the Sports Club settings. Healthy Families Rotorua have assisted with ensuring the Club is connected to the appropriate supports to meet Council compliances.
Collaborating with Waikite Rugby and Sports Clubs Inc has been a highlight for the partners.

Waikite Rugby and Sports Club Inc has been a leader in innovative change since it was founded in 1901 with a long and colorful history that encompasses traditions, manaakitanga and more importantly has supported and worked alongside the local community

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