Make your workplace Good4Work

Good4Work is an exciting new workplace wellbeing tool that’s great for your business and your people.

“We spend a significant amount of time at work so the culture and environment of a workplace can have an impact on our wellbeing,” Mapihi Raharuhi, Manager from Healthy Families Rotorua says.

“Investing in a positive, healthy workplace can reduce stress, fatigue, injury and error, while improving engagement productivity and innovation. It takes little effort and even less budget.”

Good4Work is a free and easy-to-use web based workplace wellbeing tool that helps workplaces identify things they can do to integrate wellbeing into the way they lead, and their work practices, relationships and environment.

It starts with a quiz to identify what the workplace is already doing and what more it could do to improve workplace wellbeing. It then guides workplaces to engage with its people, and offers help to find resources to complete actions.

Good4Work joins WorkWell and as the go-to places for workplace wellbeing, offering different support for different needs. Good4Work is designed for small to medium-sized workplaces, and those that are just getting started with workplace wellbeing. It takes workplaces through a step-by-step online process to complete actions to positively change workplace environments and culture.

WorkWell includes advisor support and is ideal for larger organisations or those wanting to create a comprehensive programme. provides practical workplace health and wellbeing information, ideas, resources and case studies in one online location.

Good4Work has been developed as a collaborative project between Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service, Auckland Regional Public Health Service, Health Promotion Agency, Healthy Families NZ, the Ministry of Health, and business representatives.

Make your workplace Good4Work. Take the quiz and use the results to get started at

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