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SSB-Free Win!

The Rotorua Lakes Council is on the road to becoming ‘SSB Free’! A sugar-sweetened-beverage free and healthy food policy for council venues, events and activities has now been included in the Rotorua 2030 Sustainable Living Strategy. Healthy Families Rotorua Settings Manager Pollyanne Taare says the policy will be rolled out over 1-3 years starting in 2017. “We took the proposal to council at the beginning of this year and approached (former) Sustainable Living portfolio holder Janet Wepa to champion the cause. She loved the idea and played a large part in taking it forward. We also received a lot of support from Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service Health Improvement Advisor Rhonda Cleland.”
Pollyanne says the first council in New Zealand to become ‘SSB-Free’ was the Nelson City Council, and she is thrilled the Rotorua Lakes Council is working towards being the second.
“It’s about being a leader in terms of healthy environments. The Rotorua Lakes Council has already shown leadership in this area by promoting SSB-free practices internally with their staff through the WorkWell programme, in the council cafetaria and at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre.”

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